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I feel a bit rude with this being my first post here. Is this the right place.....? Anyway, my 'Piano Concerto in C' is finally getting it's premiere in Bristol, UK on 23rd March with largely amateur forces.

Some passages better suited to professional players have been adjusted in the score, but I am happy with the score as it now is, and very pleased it has finally come about. I might even leave the changes in now.

Scores and midi-created recordings (which don't correspond absolutely 100% to the scores any more) are here:

Mov 1, score:

Mov 1, mp3:

Mov 2, score:

Mov 2, mp3:

Mov 3, score:

Mov 3, mp3:

If there are any pressing observations I'd be pleased to know.

(Disregarding the unconventional arrangement of horns and the frankly incorrect instruction for the first oboe to double cor anglais)

With best wishes.


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