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Hello everyone,

I would like to share this melody. Please give me your opinion :

Thank you,


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I really enjoyed your piece!  Very original imo.  I really like your left hand too.  Thanks for sharing:)

Wow! This is really good. I can hear nuances from many places and times here.

I like the sudden change from romantic Song without words to a Waltz. Much of this reminds of Hisaishi, too.

Thank you for sharing

Nice little miniature pieces. But I would not string them together, but have each section stand on its own. They just don't seem connected to each other. There seem to be three different songs here (although the second and third do intertwine some). You might consider breaking it up into two or three pieces. 

Thank you all for your answers !

@ Ronald : My left hand ? Really ? Happy to read it because it's not my strong suit.

@ Valerio : I'm discovered, I like Hisaishi.

@ Michael : I like the "kaleidoscopic" aspect, but it's true, maybe I might develop each of them separately.

PS : Sorry, my english is bad

See you later,


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