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               After posting part one of this piece on SoundCloud I have gotten some good advice from Peter and Kurt from Philadelphia and Warren from the Juilliard School whom I have known for 35 years. Hope you were able to get on this site. It took me a while.

            Concert pianists Makito, Justin, Andre and Mary, Thank You for you hints on harmonic tricks to brighten up the parts needed. I also created a more pronounced and colorful piano middle part after playing it 30 to 40 times and producing a  more pronounced message.

    As always I very much appreciate advice from players and conductors in the business who know their business.

   I did take the advice of Socrates from this site and removed a section of quavers that sounded redundant.

   The final product will be done soon after I get the right advice on it's completion.


    Here is the link

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