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I would be interested to hear from you what you think of this piece:  There is an error in the title of the video, which should be exactly the same as the title of this discussion. I don't know what went wrong technically in the upload, however, my main questions are the following:

(1) Does this piece evoke the image of a mirage above a magic lake, i.e. has it in it a sense of unreality, perhaps even of the hypnotic?

(2) Is this music fit for a ballet performance by which the dancers would express the fleeting and ever changing images of the mirage? 

Other remarks and criticisms are welcome. The background of my questions is that I'm trying to enthuse some friends for the idea of producing a performance together. We are still in the first phase of brainstorming, but I made this music in order to have something at hand to work with.

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Anything can be danced. Depends on the choreographer. I think of Merce Cunningham. One extraordinarily beautiful piece comes to mind: Pond Way (if you get a chance to see it, the original performance was recorded and various bits and pieces are on youtube). He worked with a stopwatch and “visual” scores, choreographed some of John Cage’s oeuvre.    

As to your music: it works well enough but goes on too long without noticeable variation. The rendering did it no favours – difficult to recognise what instrument was doing what; unvarying dynamics. The canon-styled opening lost definition because entries were not emphasised. You may have wanted that in which case please disregard these comments. A live performance would make quite a difference, at least clarifying what instrument was doing what.

In the right mood I could listen to it throughout (I had it playing in the background at breakfast). I can’t speak for other listeners but as a ballet it would hold my interest far more. While the music itself didn’t evoke a Magical Lake a ballet could through costumes, the set, lighting, fluidity of movement. And it would be a good length for a performance.  Mesmerising. It takes on a surreal cast.

You have a style and here’s wishing success in creating a theatrical piece. It would make a welcome change from what passes as “modern” ballet these days, often jazz- or pop music-based. Nice watching people prance or jerk about all over the stage but flowing about would make a nice change!


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