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New recording from a piece performed last night by the Royal Irish Academy of Music's Percussion Ensemble in Dublin. Its called Prevalence. Have a listen here and let me know what you think. Takes a little to load the page though.

Also you can have a look at the score here


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I can't listen to it due to some sort of plug-in error. Might be my computer, though.
Hey Gijs, just uploaded the file to here you should be able to listen to it now.
So, I listened to it. I must say I find it hard to say something about it. I have no experience with percussion and I have no experience in this style. There where moments I enjoyed, but that was alway at moments where more steady rythems and harmonies where detectable. It does sounds like you know your way around percussion instruments and are able to make use of them. But that's it for me.
Cheers, glad it sounds that way. First time I've properly written for percussion so thats pretty good if you get that impression. I appreciate you not quite liking the piece but thank you for listening and commenting.

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