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If anyone out there wants to know more about writing extended techniques for percussion, I have been playing contemporary music on percussion for a long time, and have written many pieces for this troublesome group of instruments.  I thought I would throw the offer out there if anyone might need some advice!

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He's wearing a tie. Dead giveaway, I'm afraid ;/
Photo is of Dmitry Shostakovich.
I changed the picture, so there would be no confusion!

I am doing a report on extended percussion techniques.  Any examples would be great!

I think percussion is fascinating. I would like to know more. :)

I have a ton of experience composing as well as performing contemporary music on percussion instruments.  Do you have specific questions?

Thanks for the offer.  Do you have any thoughts on bowing, especially any unexpected instruments (beyond the usual vibr/glock/cymbals) you've found bowing most effective or interesting for?

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