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PER - Piece/folksong for strings, clainett, a solo vocalist, and a choir

There is some contrapuntal stuff put in there for your well-being. 

But a song it is.

Composition: PER

Vocals: Maria

Choir: Leif, Lena, Maria

Lyrics Carl Brandt

There is no score of this as of yet. I only use scores for fugues and sonatas, this is a song.

My 2-minute translation of the lyrics:

A melancholic mind becomes just a memory
And the heat of the night makes bodies light
When I drown in eternity
with you

All you carry, it may leave
And give place for what the night gives
When I drown in eternity
with you

In this life there's nothing given
yet I hope that I may
Just drown in eternity
with you

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Beautiful work, and good to have authentic Nordic music.  It would be nice to have and English translation.  Welcome back.

Happy to hear that Lawrence, and thanks for the welcoming. As the lyrics are easily translated I will do that. In an hour so .

Thanks for your time!

Added a quick translation of the lyrics in the first post, for the interested ones.

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