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Part 1 of a semi-long chain of musical variations based off of the same overall chord and progression. Written for String Quintet with accompanying String
Orchestra and piano. So far this has been my most involved piece in
terms of modulation. Hope ya like

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Too monoton.
lol sry i posted the entirely wrong piece

Miguel Marquez said:
Too monoton.

lol OW!
Although this music drifts amiably along, the fact that is based on the same overall progression is a dead give-away. It may work as background music for an extended film scene (for example a flying scene), there doesn't really seem enough variety or development to keep the listener interested.

I just can't work out what this music is trying to say - is it meant to be just "chill out" (fair enough) or is it supposed to engage my emotions ? And if so, in what way ?

At the moment it only seems to fulfilling the former purpose.
Brock, some nice ideas. But the (as my teacher used to say about composing), "The eraser is mightier than the pencil. Try removing some of the monotony created by everyone playing the same all the time. This piece has some nice moments but they 'dribble' on. I would love to hear more dynamic contrast.

Just my thoughts. Please do keep working on this and post as you watch it grow.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the comments, im working with my mind on not "dribbling" on with melodies. I used to right pieces that tended to not have a melody at all and now i seem to force them on the listener. Give it time and my ideas will eventually bloom, but no one really wants to stand around and watch the flower grow from a seed.

Thanks for listening

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