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I'm curious if there are any pedal steel players that are part of the forum. I want to learn how to play the instument, and I'm interested in knowing if anyone has utilized it in something besides a country music setting. I like country music, so don't get me wrong. I  remember hearing "Rusty" Young play it with effects when he played with the Eagles which made it sound like a Hammond B-3. Any thoughts, comments?

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Thanks for the tip, I'll download that to hear what it sounds like. By the way Rusty Young wasn't in the Eagles , he was in a band called "Poco" my mistake. I know in the 70's there were a lot of country rock bands like Flying Burrito Bros. and Quick Silver that were using it. Plus I think Jimmy page played it on Led Zepplin II.

So you have a dobro? I thought maybe that would be a good start, but dont know really. I'm really serious about learning this thing. I'm hoping I'll find some old pro around here that would get me started.
let's stay in touch and see what happens to us going down this road.


George Butterley said:

Theres a track on the album Ingénue by KD Lang called Wash Me Clean.

The sustained pedal steel behind the vocal is just ethereal.

Like you, I’ve often wondered what more could be done with the pedal steel so I bought its little brother, a Lap steel and an Ebow to play with. Very early days yet, and it's very difficult, and one string only,( I'm still very...very bad) Some interesting sonic possibilities though, and unusual. I’d love to know how he got that sustain?


Chris Alpiar said:
I have recently put together a jazz/rock/Brazilian/world/free jazz fusion band with master slide steel guitarist Ben Holst (he plays lap steel, pedal steel, banjo, guitar, bass, and he's a very top notch engineer). If you contact me off list (PM me) I can hook you up with him. He's a great guy and I bet would offer you some pointers

chris ,

do you have examples of your new music? i would love to hear what you are up to. that sounds very interesting.

I just had a chance to listen to the you tube performance. WOW!

Hi Ray,

i'm iinterested in what you have to say about the pedal and lap steel guitars. keep me posted.
Ray Kemp said:



I'm fascinated by watching these live videos of Robert Randolph. The strength of his style and use of the instrument is IMO all in the finger picking. In all these years I just never bothered to fire up my Lap Steel through an overdrive and wah pedal. I say in an earlier post Lap and Pedal are different animals but! less so used in this way. I'm tuning it up now :-)

Goodbye Hawaii hello Bluesville

Ray, Thanks, this helps.

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