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I hope that you like this piece

Per Erik, who is a member here, did the recording using his samples

Please leave any comments or suggestions about the score or the production

pastorale score

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Really liked this, Adrian. the piano arrangement is very effective. The oboe writing has a lovely plaintive quality that perfectly captures the instrument's character. This works much better for me than the last piece you posted. Good job!

Thanks for listening, both of you.

The oboe is, by its nature, nasally, but the hope is that it can be made to produce a pleasing tone.

I'd be interested to know what other people think of its tone, and pass the views on to Per Erik.

I find that the oboe is a hard instrument to get right in samples. Usually the upper notes sound best on most sampled oboes. I did not find these samples so bad, except that in one place it sounded like a trumpet. but then, oboes can sound like trumpets in real life. as in some Baroque pieces, where they really blast out.

I think that Per did a good job on the production.

It is a good composition by Adrian, and it was fun to work with. The oboe stood between samplemodeling and 8dio. I think SM can do better if you know how to get around all the variables. WHile 8dio sounds between without tweeking.

Okay, what do you mean by "edgy" here? Am i missing something? :)

It is a nice gentle piece.
Liked the mood changes.
The piano does seem to be doing most of the work, my only suggestion would be to make the oboe work a little harder for its money.

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