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Today I've got a few ideas for work for a wind instrument ... at first, I thought this might be for an oboe, but somehow it transfigured to the piece for clarinet and piano. Mainly it is about my feelings about late summer and autumn, about its sadness and loneliness and also something very special that can't be reached in any other moments during the year.

The graphics of the score aren't well done all the time, but I will fix this for sure - I just couldn't wait to post it here because it's just few hours since I've wrote it. Enjoy!

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Hi Nikola,

I have enjoyed listening to your music, it is indeed a bit melancholic, as you said it would be. Nice mix between the two instruments. I liked it a lot.

Thanks for posting.

I enjoyed this very much.  And it's your very recognizable style.

I was surprised that this piece could be written in just one day. Your ideas develop so quickly.

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