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I wrote this piece inspired by a short fic story that ir ead in the internet, which i absolutely loved. Sadly the account of the creator was deleted and the story was lost. I was planning to create an entire OST for the story but well, here is the first (and likely the last) piece: Paradisium:

I took a minimalist approach with this one trying, to go for ambient, . Opinions?

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Hi Felipe

Watched this twice just to confirm my thoughts.

It's a fine piece of ambient mood writing but I am not sure that it matches the image shown. Perhaps that's because I don't know the story.

Its nice and very ambient. It definitely achieved what you set out. I do wish there was more to it, more development. Ambient music tends to be an iffy style of music because, as it suggest, its ambient music. Meaning its meant to be just kind of background music. If the purpose is to tell a story through music, or be inspired by the story, why not tell the story with the music. Ambient music doesnt quiet do that, its just background. I only wished that you told the story through the music. 

Other than that its good music. Good Job. 

Hi there,

I like the ambience, very mysterious, nice harmonies. I'm imagining a journey through the night with vague, but hopeful result. At 2:40 the piano sounds a bit choppy, but altogether nice work.


There's a beautiful atmosphere. For me, your attack on the piano is a bit too hard. Inspired.

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