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This is a type of fusion of styles and harmonic language.. kind of an angular  'epic' at the beginning.. (in 5/4) , then to a bit jazzy, with a Scarlatti-like tendency for the chorus… near the end, employing a foreshortening  of dueling solos, as one sometimes hears in Indian music...

The instrumentation: E. Violin, E. Guitar, A. Guitar, Drums/Perc., Acoustic Bass, Piano, Didgeridoo 

(the 2nd part of the piece, is one i posted earlier under the thread 'happiest music' though  it was not finished)

All comments are welcome and appreciated!

Thank you for listening.


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Hey Mr. X, 1st impression.... not bad, bouncy with a definite

multi-cultural flair. I like the blend of instruments.

But just what are you hunting for.... a dance partner?   lol      RS

Thank you Roger,

Dance partner? Yes, always!:)

The opening brings to my mind the moment just before 'chase'.. When the drums come in, i think, "And , off they go!'

The bowed bass reminds me of a growling lion..:)

Thanks for listening!

sort of a combination of a mysterious atmosphere and action, then it cheers up, it's very nice.

Hi Alvaro.

Your characterization is exactly what i was going for!

Thank you!

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