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Besides composing I also find great joy in arranging piano sonatas or string quartetts from the old masters for symphony orchestra: Here the finale from Beethoven's great quartett op. 131: 

(realised with Finale/NotePerformer - should be heard with headphones!!)

And here the Adagio from his piano sonata op. 109 as a symphony Adagio:


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I tend to look on Beethoven's Late Quartets as sacred, the Op 131 in particular as it fired up my interest in writing for this medium. that great, solemnly beautiful fugue with which it opens, then the crazy scherzo and on...

So I was surprised how effective your arrangement is. What makes it as good as it is is that it sounds as if it could have been written for orchestra (with no hint of its origins).

I'm not familiar with the Op 109 but your work sounds as if it might have been written by Beethoven. Masterful. It has the hallmark of experience in such arrangements which you claim to like doing anyway. No surprise there.

I was once given an exercise to arrange a Beethoven piano passage for orchestra and it must be among the most difficult arranging tasks - easy to run just anything up but difficult to make it sound as if authentically written for the orchestra.

Well done. 

Oh, that makes me very glad that my orchestrations speak to you! I orchestrated all of Beethoven's last 3 "sacred" sonatas op. 109 - 111, his quartetts op. 130 and 135 ... :-) . Also Mozart's K457 and Schubert's a-minor sonta, ... Which sonata did you tried to orchestrate?

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