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Hello Colleagues,

David Bruce is a British composer who has a large YouTube presence. He puts up all sorts of interesting videos about how he does things, peculiarities of writing for certain instruments, how to break into the music business, and more. The videos are well-done, entertaining, humorous, and very informative. In addition to the below video, I recommend you check him out, he's always putting up new and entertaining stuff.

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Interesting. Informative.

He marks the importance of listening and studying scores to find out how things have been done. Given there are no entirely satisfactory textbooks, in that it orchestration involves personal taste, the books are references. Probably most information is now available on-line leaving the orchestrator  to seek out examples as they need.

Another point he makes is that the simpler a score is; the smaller the ensemble, the more likely it is to be performed – along with standardisation. I suppose this means with electronic aids or instruments. I can appreciate that from analogue synthesiser days. Unless using raw VCO sounds, recapturing settings could be a right headache.  These days things are different but it still depends on something approaching standardisation in synthesisers. Still, these seem more the province of a DAWs and musical tracks produced on them. I suppose they could be combined with live performers.

Thank you, Gavin. 

Hi All

Interesting & informative Q&A. I particularly liked the brief discussion towards the end on bringing electronic music to the orchestra.

Cheers, CD

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