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This is the second movement of a piece I will post probably in a few days. It was an attempt to make an orchestral version of, and develop, musical ideas I came up with on piano years before. I'm posting a quick iPhone recording I did of the piano melodies so you can hear the source material I was trying to adapt (the toddler running around making noise, while cute, was not part of my musical statement).  I hope to get feedback on a couple things: 

1) Suggestions for improvements in the chords/rhythms/harmony lines.

       - I'm an okay-at-best piano player, so my left hand was playing simple octaves, sometimes on quarter notes, sometimes syncopated. I'm sure there must be a better way to incorporate this feel into the string section, but I'm not sure what that is. 

2) Comments/suggestions about the form/structure

Thanks for your help!



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I'd like to second point 3. of Bob's response: get in touch with some string players to interact with, then a number of specific practical qualities of the instrument(s) will become clear quickly.

The other thing probably is to invest time to read orchestral scores by the masters you appreciate and admire, so that you can get familiar with what they do and how they do it. It will take quite a lot of work first.

Although musical software is such an opportunity nowadays, it is also a real trouble (am speaking to myself here): we have an artifically easy access to a full virtual orchestra and more on the computer at home, that can play anything in an instant, where everything sounds equally good all the time from the speaker without fail. It makes us forget (or, rather, not realise) the mechanics, physics and other realities of real instruments and people (of varying abilities) to play them, if we have not studied this in some detail.    

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