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Hello, I have written a old style symphony and would like some feedback.

Here is the first movement , I am currently orchestrating the other two. 

I used Finale and Garratin Personal Orchestra for the midi. I do have Ableton and am not sure if I should use it for reverb and filters. 

I have attached an mp3 and the score pdf.

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The links are not working for me.

Thank you, the links are working for me.

I find this pleasant and gentle; perhaps a bit repetitive (the first part could be longer before it is repeated, as the main theme is quite long in itself).

I wish the ending from 03:45 would somewhat culminate more, whilst, currently, it almost seems to stagnate - but then, this is not a romantic symphony, but something much more carefully restrained. Part of me thinks: "why not take a few more risks and put some modern twists in, that every listener would notice?" I believe there are a couple of small ones in there already, but hidden quite well. 

It is a great skill to write something like this, which, basically, could have been written and become popular 250 years ago or such. In todays time, if could be a great piece for a youth orchestra of some sort.

Hello, will retry posting:



Harmonius said:


The links are not working for me.

Thanks for the review Tillerich. I agree with it all, the ending certainly needs work and there is a little too much repetition. I have two more movements to do and am also working on a more modern piece for string orchestra. I don't want to dwell too much on the old styles so will probably leave it as is rather than revising it. 

Thanks again!

I did a youtube version

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