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This is a composition I made based loosely on some of the techniques Bach used. No it isn't Bach, doesn't sound like Bach, but it uses the organ as a basis which he liked to do. He usually began with the bass and lower parts and made a sort of "foundation" to build the rest on. This is what I have done here.

He also tended to use harmony and chords in unusual unusual arrangements for his time. So I kinda loosely followed his agenda. Not true baroque. Uses some elements of it.

What are your thoughts about this kind of construction??

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Your tutti organ drowns out the strings. I think I could hear the flute, but not very well. Bach certainly would have registered the organ part to mix better with the other instruments. For organists registration is the art of selecting stops on a particular instrument. You're working with a synthesizer patch and may not have other pipe organ sounds available, then you have to select instruments that would work well with your organ tutti patch, such as trumpets and/or other brass (but probably not horns). Also, your piece doesn't have any pedal work in it. A crucial aspect of organ tutti sound is the foundation bass played by the pedals. This would typically include reed stops and mixtures (pedal tutti). That's where you get fun names like Posaune and Bombarde.

As for your piece, it doesn't sound much like Bach but does sound Baroque. The issue with hearing the instruments makes evaluating the piece difficult. While watching you play it is somewhat entertaining, the occasional mistake (assuming the off notes are mistakes) are deleterious to the overall experience. Why not sequence the piece for an accurate rendition?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for listening and for your comments. Understandably there is no bass pedal hence my use of the left hand to mimic the bass pedal. I could probably work with the sampled organ library some more to trim the bass which is what I think might be over powering the other instruments. The library has the ability to adjust the stops. I played with it some.

For lower notes I might be able to use the bass midi and put it even lower on the scale. The off notes are not mistakes. I intentionally played it with some dissonant chords :) Thanks for your suggestions to improve it.

Hi Timothy -

I enjoyed this, it is an interesting approach to a familiar style and a great sound.  Steve has made some good points about balance and I'm interested to see if you can change that.  If you have made a midi recording of this you should be able to adjust either velocity or volume midi controllers to change the blend.  Some careful manipulation of eq might help also if you didn't record it.

I was also wondering about your approach to this composition. Did you score it or memorize it or is it improvised?  Good work regardless!

Ingo Lee, I appreciate your comments!

Believe it or not I have attempted to work on this mix some more. Looks Like I need to maybe go back to the mixer and work on it some more. I even changed organs mid stream (that didn't sound right did it ?lol)

It's in midi so I should be able to work with it some more. I could even put it into notation. The organ is so all consuming that it can be difficult to make things fit sometimes, though I love the instrument.

As for the construction I had a plan so it wasn't totally improvisational. It was more like the kind of a plan the football team gets from the quarterback a few seconds before the play. Nothing written in concrete. I knew the kind of a feel I wanted in it. I knew how I wanted the chords to change and the ideas in the transitions I had for it. I wanted baroque with a Bach flavor. I only accomplished one of those goals. Not much Bach shining though this. He was more rigid and majestic, less modern sounding. His parts would have had more of an association with one another.

Well, I quite enjoyed it. It's one grand blast! 

But I echo the comments of others. I noticed at around 16 secs you landed a pedal in the left hand, the D, with a lot going on in the right hand that was drowned out. Also couldn't really differentiate it from the strings. I was hoping a brief passage for them alone might emerge so I could latch onto their sound.

The organ sounds baroque all right. 

But regardless of my comment it's a nice piece. It would make a great voluntary. 


PS...Now if only they sampled that Atlantic City Organ! 7 manuals - WHAT?!

Well thanks Dane...don't mean to be scarce. Life is fast and I'm having a difficult time catching up. I'll need to go back to this one. 

I appreciate the comments and those who took the time to listen.

I'm not experienced enough with the King Of Instruments, so my comments may be just my own reaction, but like Dane I really enjoyed it. I heard the flute fine, and think that on a real organ, with real pedals, it would sound much better. I agree it had a nice Baroque sound to it, and I could even hear a trace of The King Of Composers here and there. I can only marvel at your playing. My keyboard playing is similar to my typing (although I did once master the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata). Again, I'm being naive here most likely, but if I heard this on Pipe Dreams, I would be duly impressed. This is not to obviate the comments of the more experienced listeners here, who I can only defer to in this regard, but I for one was blown away by it.

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