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ok... here's a quick ditty [non partisan] political tune I wrote.... please weigh in re: music arrangement

this was created out of the comments I heard at children's school, gas stations, stores, restaurants, and just walking down the street, etc. etc....  WE NEED JOBS !

your thoughts please????


Jim Covington

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As an unemployed person who is seeking work and having trouble finding it in this economy, this resonates with me. Video portion well done too. Kudos!

Defination of  insanity" " is : doing  the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

From 1797 through 2012 we have chosen to ignore the elephant in our living room.

Every year we choose to let a failed and demoralized financial system, based on Capital(ism)l and free(?)market, ruin our lifes and planet.

Defination of  insanity" " is : doing  the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..

Veto Capitalism B4 it vetos us


BTW..the song ,in my opinion was sterilized.

This discussion between Americans and Europeans would be so damn interesting. But I will resist destroying this thread. :p

Fredrick zinos said:

I agree with Bob regarding the subject matter, but I am perhaps more cynical than either of you. From 1797 through 2009 the USA has had a major financial "panic" depression or recession every 4.5 years. It may well be that the version of capitalism to which the USA is addicted has as a requirement comprehenisive economic collapse on a regular basis. The analogy may be the lighting that burns down a forest so a new forest can grow. If, in this analogy, you happen to be a furry forest creature when the lighting strikes, bad luck.


What we as a nation are succesful in preserving in the economic forest fire is the ineptitude of the politicians we elect with such alarming regularity.

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