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I took the first movement of my "Symphony No. 2," and remixed it and arranged it for concert band. Since it was actually originally written with Hersheypark in mind, I called it "Ode to Hersheypark." This piece is dedicated to Hersheypark in commemoration of their 2020 expansion. It was written using Musescore 3 as well as the GeneralUser GS v1.471 soundfont.

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Sorry for the double post, I couldn't find the edit button. I have now posted it to Soundcloud as well:
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Interesting colours and textures. my observations for what they are worth are that  there is a lack of dynamics which would bring this piece to life and there are a lack of rests for the whole piece. Something is always playing. This coupled with no variation in dynamics of each part makes it difficult to concentrate all the way through. I hope you find this useful. Thanks for sharing this piece.

Hi Kyle, 

Nice to meet you here.

I liked this and overall it is a pleasant listen in keeping with a park/fun theme. Do you live in Hershey? 

The only thing that seemed to contrast beyond the theme to my ears was the part that starts somewhere around 3:15 where things almost seemed to wander for a little while. Of course you initiated the fun theme shortly after that. 

I think it should go well with a good band playing it!

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