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I've just uploaded a piece for wind quintet - "Dämmerung - Twilight - Crepúsculo", where I use rhythmic patterns, which I found by using numerical sequences based on Fibonacci. What do you think of it? Thanks in advance!

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Sounds interesting. I guess you applied first 7 Fibonacci numbers for semitons in the main theme.
Hi Thomas, that's more than I'd expected. I don't want to post the score publicly at the moment, because it's surely full of mistakes. But I'll send you a link, so that you can have a look on it. What do you think about its musical qualities?
Hello Andrew, thanks for listening! The "Fibonacci"-theme starts at 0:48. I worked with a "doubled" Fibonacci sequence (1+1, 2+1, 3+2, 5+2...) to get a pattern for note length. Then I created a second sequence by calculating the differences of each pair of numbers of my first sequence to get the semitones for my scale. I hope I was able to explain my method... I saw you posted an atonal piece. I will have a listen tomorrow - my internet connection at home, isn't capable to stream 5MB...
Very enjoyable piece. I would probably think of controlling somehow the velocities as well.
Thank you Thomas, Andrew, Chris! That was really helpful. I started yet to work on articulation, velocity and reverb, and I'm discovering new layers and other aspects. If you like, I'll post the final version. Kind regards, Rudi
As promised I'm posting the reworked version of "Dämmerung". Thanks to your replies I could enhance a lot of things.

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