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I was asked by a ballet company if I would consider writing a 30 minute prelude of "ambient, moody, and deep music" for the premier of a performance the first week of December. The piece I came up with is called Noumena which describes the quiet internal battle of good vs evil within ourselves. The words are based on William Blake's "The Garden of Love" which describes the church's hold on man's natural, earthly desires. I weaved "Amazing Grace" and themes and melodies of mine to depict the mood. Thank you for listening and commenting. The instruments you are hearing are: piano, 2 cellos, boys choir, boy soloist, SSAATB choir, soprano soloist, low tone chimes, and double basses. The special mix of the rain is rain depicted to sound outside of a cathedral which I recieved permission to use from the creator.

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Me like. Ambient yes, but when you take this path, you're almost moving past diatonic language and touching on spectralism, or something conceptually similar, which I think is a good path, done this way. I think you've kept enough of a solid footing here in conventional language to make it an intelligible "ambient" experience.

Are you familiar with, and if so, have you any opinions on the soundtrack to Eraserhead? It's incredible. Almost the entire duration of the film is immersed in near-subsonic, reverberating sounds. I've been strangely fascinated with and frightened by that soundtrack for years, but I'm not sure just why.

Thank you so much, Kristofer, for taking the time to both listen and comment. Your analysis was fascinating to read also, my friend, and helps within my own self to try to understand the meaning, if any, of what I actually wrote. Thank you for introducing me to Eraserhead and its soundtrack. I would definitely describe it as one of the first generas of "dark ambient soundtracks" or dare I even say music. I read that they recorded the sound of a microphone under water to produce many of those sounds. Your word "immersed" is well used here. Then they manipulated the sound by pitch and adding reverb. These type of soundtracks are really fascinating to me. Simply search dark ambience music on YouTube and you will find that a lot of people are into the type of music and actually have found it even beautiful, and most of it is simply produced by people using a cheap keyboard and free software such as Audacity producing these wonderful results. There's been many of time here recently where I will click play on one of these dark ambiences then just improvise on top using my flugelhorn.

I will listen to the whole thing again after I come back from a gig, but for now (I'm at roughly 7 minutes mark): it works well but for the rain, I think. Something is wrong with the rain. Perhaps it's too uniform. I caught myself thinking "hey is that pink noise? oh wait, nevermind, there's supposed to be rain, right". At any rate it didn't work musically for me. I believe mixing it with another layer that changes over time (perhaps a bit more close-up recording, like rain splashing on puddles or drumming on a roof?) would make it fluid enough.

You are definitely correct, Greg. Since I gave them only 9 days to complete the track I got lazy with the rain. Another reason it probably sounds so blurry is because it was supposed to sound like rain outside of a cathedral. I think I will give it one more, maybe Monday or Tuesday, because I do have some much better mixes of different types of rain that I can use if I just give it another go. Thank you for the suggestion or recommendation.
Just received a positive message from the client. This piece will be "performed" soon. It's going to be interesting what the thoughts of the audience will be.

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