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For composers who notate their music, what is your workflow?   Since notation can be a painstaking process (especially for pieces involving multiple instruments), I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to work (I compose in Sibelius). 

I've heard others talk about a variety of methods, whether it be starting with pencil/paper and then moving to Sibelius/Finale once the piece is more developed, or recording MIDI into a DAW and then importing it into a notation program, or working exclusively in a notation program.  What works for you?

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I have been using Presonus' Notion now for about 2 years...and I use it everyday...just like a job.
I do a lot of studying, trying out ideas, etc. as well as actually composing a piece. Notion fits my needs as a composer very well. VERY easy to learn and use and output can be extremely good

I've tried both Sibelius and Cuebase. Too much work. I am able to use three orchestral libraries (Notion's native instruments, VSL SE, and Miroslav). All respond predictably with regard to dynamics and articulations.

Notion is a bargain and you won't spend 40 hr. trying to get a grip on it.


I always start out with pencil and manuscript paper and sketch and endlessly revise until the piece I'm working on starts to gain form before I even think of notating it with a program. I use Finale BTW.

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