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Notation Composers - Publishing Opportunity through "ScoreBank"

Hello members,

If you are a notation composer, you may have an interest in joining a new area of the Composers' Forum, "ScoreBank." This is a private area of the Composers' Forum where you can post completed scores and notation publishers can look at them. If they are interested in talking to you about publishing your scores, they will contact you directly. Right now, we have our first publisher, Kevin Riley of LKR Sheet Music Publishing, as a member of ScoreBank, and I will in the coming weeks and months be contacting other publishers to invite them to join as well.

If you'd like to join ScoreBank, PM me through this site. You can also ask questions by responding to this post or PMing me. 

Like membership in Composers' Forum, membership in ScoreBank is free!

Happy Composing!


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….For some reason my post has become uneditable - I wanted to say that the competition to which I refer may NOT have been on CF at all, but another similar memory is shot I'm afraid!

Hi Stephen,

1) Whatever contest you are referring to was not on this site, and no such publisher ever commented or is a member here.

2) You are coming at ScoreBank from a pretty advanced angle, when what ScoreBank is is quite simple. It's a private area of this site offered as a service to CF members for no charge. If we get some members to post some scores, then I will begin looking around for other publishers to join the site. If a publisher likes what a member has posted, they will contact the member directly and the member can decide if they want to work with that publisher or not. 


Thanks for sharing this info, Gav!


As I said in my earlier post - I was and still am unable to edit my posts within the 15 minutes time slot. I attempted to amend my original post but couldn't: but you're quite correct, the competition was on another Forum - one that I don't engage with any longer as most of my spare time seems to be spent jousting with others on this one!

Thanks for clarifying what Scorebank is all about.


PM sent to Stephen -

ScoreBank is now available on the CF home page, on the left side

There are now 9 CF members who have joined ScoreBank and who are placing scores there for consideration for publishing - 

Three composers are on ScoreBank discussing publishing their works with a publisher. Isn't it time you joined ScoreBank?

First score on ScoreBank has been published! To find out more or to post your scores for potential publishing, join ScoreBank!

Second score on ScoreBank is now published! If you are a notation composer and would like to have your work looked at by a publisher and possibly published, consider joining ScoreBank! More information on ScoreBank is here >

Actually it is three scores!

Excellent, thanks for the update!

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