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Hi guys! Here's a song I wrote built around my keyboard, let me know your thoughts!

(I would upload an mp3, but compressing down to the 7mb limit gave it a poorer quality than youtube, so my apologies in advance)


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Thanks for your reply! I would have liked to crank up the guitar, but the recording levels were low and distorted at higher volume, although perhaps that makes the guitar tag inappropriate. There wasn't however any improvisation in the piece, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hello Jacob,

This piece has some things to recommend it. It’s got a good pop sound and has some parts I really like, particularly the opening, which had some nice energy and an engaging melody. The slower parts I found less successful, it felt like there was not enough going and/or the harmony is too conventional to keep me engaged. At around 1:42 I wanted to see more happening with the right hand than what you have here. Around 3:54 the piece seems to me to be too quiet and the quietness continues to what seemed to me a somewhat sleepy ending. Overall, I enjoyed the high-energy parts more than the quiet parts. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, the entire piece was memorized and planned to be played as you hear it.

Bob Porter said:

So all three parts were written out an memorized?

I'm just curious as to how this was put together. 


Not quite, I've memorized it but have not written it down. sorry

This is a *very* good track. I'd really suggest that you add a sporadic, acoustic guitar rhythm at the slow part 2:40, or maybe a bassline, but I think that a bassline would destroy the beauty you have going there, and I think that rise in the curve at 3:54 is a bit sudden. But overall, it's fantastic!

This is a beautiful track man! Kudos

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