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Fugues have a reputation of being "serious" -- "academic" fugues, that is, meaning the rigid, dry grading standard of counterpoint class imposed upon composition students -- so I thought, what about a humorous fugue that refuses to take itself seriously and subverts traditional expectations of fugue?

Well, here's the result.  The rhyming title, btw, is a reference to Dr. Seuss, in case you're not familiar (and the score makes reference to this also), particularly the two characters Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat, who run around causing havoc with their wacky schemes.

It features an answer that's a minor 3rd above the subject, contrary to the traditional expection of a I-V exposition structure. Well, actually, it has answers all over the map -- a minor 3rd below, then a major 3rd above, a major 3rd below, then a tritone apart, then a 5th below (as opposed to a 5th above).  When it finally gets it "right" with an answer in the dominant key, it interrupts itself and never finishes the answer, instead laughs itself off the stage with an abrupt ending.

(And just for kicks, there's even an entry in Dorian mode. Just because I can.)

It also refuses to "explore nearby keys" as dictated by the "standard model" -- in fact, every episode returns to the home key where the ever-weary subject insistently appears, only to have the "answer" throw it off into the blue yonder by entering in "crazy" keys, followed by flights of fancy to find its way back. As such, it borders on rondo form territory, unlike the (stereo)typical fugue, though I'm pretty sure it ends up being neither. :-P

And it doesn't employ any of the usual "fugue devices" like augmentation, inversion, diminuation, etc.. Or does it? Ha -- see if you can ferret out any such devices that might be hidden in there! :-P

Edit 2017-02-03: added an extra bar at m.52 to have a smoother transition there.

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Yes, you are right.. Here is a complete version:  (Gould again, with another conductor) -  

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