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Here is a piece for violin and piano, which I wrote about 6 month ago. Originally, I wrote this in E-flat minor, but some violinist told me that this can be considered as an awkward key ( at least for the non-professionals). Therefore I transposed it into D-minor. I think that it sounds better in the original key, but the D-minor is also acceptable.

I would be very interested to hear what you think of this piece. Please be critical! Of course, everyone likes praise, but I want to improve and identify my mistakes, and learn from them.

The sound as well as the dynamics and expression of the violin are not particularly realistic.  I used the VSL sound, but I could not get it to sound better (despite a lot of effort). Any suggestions how to improve this?



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Hello Victor,

Thanks a lot for this suggestion. This would certainly be feasible.  I will have a look at this in due time and test a couple of things. (right now, I am rather occupied with other pieces).

Regards, Johan

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