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Here's a major project of mine, for the past 18 months. Pretty happy with it so far.

What do you all think?

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Hey, thanks for checking it out! Appreciate it.

The movements:

1. Overture "Con Duende" (2:20)

2. Water Dances (2:10)

3. Passing Nightmare (1:05)

4. Torrent (2:10)

5. Near Dawn (0:50)

6/7. Witching Hour/Lullaby Rag (0:55)

I guess, length-wise, it's about done. Just need to work on the arrangement.

Thanks again, Zach.


Zach Eaton said:
It starts off with a slightly-eerie, kind of refined sound -- reminded me a bit of Dracula :P I like the sense of adventure and fun in the piece, and the harmonies are rich and interesting. I thought the 8va notes were a bit piercing to ears, but nothing that ruined the experience for me.
(Does this come in movements? There are appreciable pauses at certain points, and resolved chords that lead into another passage)
This was a good listen, but it's a long piece! Are you planning to continue it still further?

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