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To all the members of the Composers' Forum,

      For those of you who have not previously been acquainted with The Harp Legacy Project, it came into existence after years of encountering numerous harp scores that were either awkwardly written or even unplayable. The Project was initiated in order to assist composers in the creation of idiomatic notation for the harp. The edited scores will be donated to the Sousa Archives where my life and works are being preserved. Hard copies of scores and parts are also being collected by the University of Illinois Music Library as a resource to both composers and harpists.

     The website of this project has recently been revised and now includes “before and after pages” with commentary explaining the suggested changes that were incorporated into the revised scores. A recent project was the editing of Progeny of Memory by Matthew H. Fields which is a monumental 48 page score for harp and cello consisting of 11 sections:

I. Mnemosyne (alla pavana)
II. Melpomene (alla romanza)
III. Thalia (alla neapolitana)
IV. Calliope (alla masala)
V. Clio (alla sarabanda gymnopedica)
VI. Urania (al misterioso)
VII. Euterpe (al valzer)
VIII. Terpsichore (alla zmira, alla chiave di canzone)
IX. Erato (al bangio)
X. Polyhymnia (al largo)
XI. Mnemosyne (allo specchio)

Attached is a complete set of “before and after pages” along with a testimonial from the composer. Matthew was masterful in delineating the use of the hands between the two staffs including creative stem design and the use of brackets and lines devised to assist any potential performer in coming to terms with his structures. This is a possible significant resource for composers interested in writing for the harp. I will be happy to discuss any of the notational issues that you may encounter when viewing this work.

      For more information about this project go to: If you are interested in participating or have questions, contact:

                                      Thank you for your kind attention!

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I have one piece that may be interesting to look at. who do i send it to?

Hi Quinn,

You can send the score to:  Dr. Shirley Meyer Blankenship  I think you would find it helpful also to check out the information on my website:    THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!


The names of the greek muses make me wonder, how each was expressed with music. any way to listen to the piece?

Hi Spiros,

Go to:  Perhaps he has some excerpts online.  Thanks for your inquiry.

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