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New Years is a prime time for many kinds of lose weight, fix the house, take a course, etc etc.

Has anyone made any specific New Years musical resolutions?

For example, Im sure many of us would say to get more performances, or be published, but how about stuff like learning a special program? Which one?

Or more composition techniques, or orchestration, notation..

Or changing the characteristics of the music we write--more/less dissonance, more interesting/exciting..

Or create clearer scores, study a particular composer more in depth to learn much more about their style...

Or learn an instrument...etc etc etc..

Have you made any New Years musical resolutions?

Hope the New Year is a GREAT one for us all, including musically:)

Thanks Bob

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Mine are to learn Dorico, more thoroughly, and to look more into a composition technique called "asynchronous music composition".

Probably some other stuff also, which I cant think of now:)

Thanks Bob

Haven't made any specific resolutions, but here's some of the things I'll keep doing: continuing to work on rhythmic points, continuing to practice my piano rep, studying more scores, and working on different types of textural writing and ways of working with quarter tones and smaller intervals.  

Bob Morabito said:

Mine are to learn Dorico, more thoroughly, and to look more into a composition technique called "asynchronous music composition".

Dorico seems cool, and I'll probably look into it once I have to upgrade my computer, which will mean I won't be able to work with Sibelius 6 anymore.  

On asynchronous composition, a few things come to mind:

Hope this is useful!

A composer's pre-occupations may change or may stay the same. On the technical side my pre-occupations will be very similar to Lara's above (changing the microtonal bit to eastern tunings and intervals), but all this is only the technical side, where as what is more important to me is the emotional side. Before I saw Bob's post I had already written my musical diary for today and I just copy-paste it here (changing only names of people) cause it refers to new year's musical resolutions.

DIARY 2/1/2018


I woke up at about half one.

I remembered Lemonia and the kid 1st thing and I decided that it's not worth calling her again today, (but after half hour I did call).

I was thinking that it’s been six years since my heavy load was taken (in very trying circumstances), and I am feeling much better, but I must carry on and do what can be done with all those endless song cycles. They cannot all be finished but verse is still unstoppable within me and that is delaying me from the music work that has to be done which will be even more time-consuming.

Fuck it, one can only do the possible.


I saw a tel. call from Max at about eleven in the morning.

I called him before I called Lemonia and we arranged to meet later for a coffee, at about six-seven in the evening and talk about Helicon and the music-poetry archives and the types of extensions required for uploading into Helicon plus re-building the page from scratch.


(Helicon is my personal site)

By the way,


Happy New Year to all you marvellous composers in here!!!

Thanks for the info Lara--

Im very much aware of Marc's work with this technique, especially that article, and his pieces, and will look into Finnissy and Feldman also

Thanks again!


Lara Poe said:

On asynchronous composition, a few things come to mind:

Hope this is useful!

Hi All

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr dhaibh (happy new year from the bonny land).

I think my preoccupation will be with the pipe organ - looking at more scores, trying to get a better non-organist's
perspective on the beast and making sure I don't write something that require someone with three hands to play it.

Apropos scores, I've had a look at a few of Bach's - can you really play a group of 32nd notes on the pedals?


Mine is to finish the pieces I have started, and get all my stuff over to Studio One from Sonar. 

To be alive and still composing

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