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Hey everyone. After two weeks of effort, and working around my computer limits, i finished. I had hoped to make a trailer piece, and i think i succeeded, to an extent. Please tell me your thoughts, what you liked and didn't.

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I am not a pro in this area but there are few things that I like specially about this one. At first the way your score starts is really nice and I was kind of disappointed that you didnt use it again in the middle when the melody fades. I mean the percussion-like instruments with reverb from 0:20 to 0:35. Seriously!

Another great thing is main melody and the moment when it comes in 1:30. The only thing I'd discuss here about is the instrument that plays it. It should resemble violin I guess but next to the other sounds it's kinda artificial for me. No offence but with great drums it's contrasting a lot. At least this is how I see it.

Anyway I can see that you are capable of creating really great music! I hope someday I will reach your level.

Wow, great point! Yeah i remember learning in theory class about where the focus goes on 6/8. I'll keep that in mind.
Raymond Kemp said:

The syncopation created by using 6/8 is wasted by the violin playing equal notes in the 1st bar of the phrase.

try daaaah di dit , daaaah or/and dah daaah di , daaaah. Heavy vibrato on the long notes.

You've got to get inside the players' heads when using samples and create the expression for them.

I enjoyed this, good stuff. Some instruments sound a bit dry for me but then it's a matter of taste, I like to put wayy too much reverb but it does help putting everything together nicely. I also kept expecting choirs, that might be a good idea ;)

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