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New track "Little Mysteries" influenced by Danny Elfman/Tim Burton style

Just posted this new orchestral piece to soundcloud, overall pretty dramatic and mysterious. Let me know what you think!

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It didn't sound like much at the beginning, but eventually develops into something quite nicely dramatic. Liked it.

Beautifully done, Brian.

You've captured the essence of your mentioned influence!

The contrasting middle section plays off the opening section perfectly… I loved the build, and dramatic overlapping  ('stretto passage' )  at the crescendo's peak.  

You have done great job, here!

Thanks for posting!


Ah... this one I have heard before, while chatting. I like it a lot.

Hey there Danny, I always enjoy the 'enchanted mystery' sound,

I think you did a good job in this expression of the genre... and it would definitely be

commercially viable. Next time I talk to Tim, I'll mention this piece... lol       RS

This is really very good.  Very nice to listen to, amazingly well orchestrated.

I didn't comment earlier because I am not familiarized with this genre, and you wrote that your piece has specific influences with which I am not familiar. 

So, I can't judge how much of this piece is uniquely yours. 

But the fact is that it is a marvelously good listen.


Wow, thanks everyone, really glad you like it! I'm thinking about making a couple variations on this theme, so this is good feedback for development. Cheers!


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