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Hi everybody.  Here is a piece I started in January.  I'm curious to hear what you think and am open to any ideas for improvement.  Also wondering whether it's humanly possible to play pizzicatos at this tempo.

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Yes they can be played at that tempo. The guide for that kind of question is the third mvt of Tchaikovski's 4th symphony. And your tempo is a little slower than most performances of that great old war horse. You've written a nice piece here btw.. I liked its improv. quality.
Thanks, Fredrick.  I listen to Tchaikovski's 4th and hear what you mean.  It was mostly very quiet, however, which I think would be easier on the performers' fingers.
That was great!  I agee with Fredrick...check out Tchaik 4 3rd movement.  My wife is a string player (we affectionately call the orchestra "wire choir").  If you have any other string related or percussion related (I'm a percussionist), let me know.

Very nice!

Love the harmony and modes you're using. Pizz. sound playable to me.


Bit less reverb would be great I think.


Thanks for your  comments.  I play it on my computer speakers and it sounds fine, but other speakers may be a problem.


Thanks for listening!


Hi Emily - its interesting. I've got to be honest though - some of these sounds are not fun at all. I would love to hear it played by a real orchestra to get a better idea of it - or some better produced/mixed sounds. I would look at some EQ to make the midi nature of them (at present) a little more bearable. As Ariel says - its a great sonic landscape though and the pizzicato is very effective and very exciting too! Jack



Hi Jack - Okay, I was just going to let this piece slide, but I am re-attaching a different version of it - with less reverb on the pizzicatos.  Hopefully, it will be more listen-able.  For some reason, the mp3 file on the composers forum really sounds bad, but I was pushing the reverb too far anyway I think. 


Chad - no there isn't a score.  I compose with a midi keyboard on Logic, and the score it produces is indecipherable due to fluctuations in tempo.  At some point I will put all of my music into score, but I find it so tedious, and I'm usually on to the next piece, so it doesn't happen.   I am aware that if I want real instruments, I'm going to have to change my ways. 

Okay, try again

Here is an improved version of this piece.

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