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Hello fellow composers!  I offer up a new orchestral piece I've been working on.   The concept, themes, and a good portion of the work were actually written back in 1998, but laid dormant for years like most of the stuff I've written.  Thanks to some gentle prodding, I'm back composing and trying to make something out of these old midi files from years past. 

This work was planned as a 4 movement work entitled Symphony Triumphico.  The 4 movements share a few common themes and motifs, a brassy theme from the first movement becomes greatly expanded into a flowing melody for this movement, brief minor accompaniment themes are revisited in other movements in varied ways, etc, etc.

This movement is mostly finished, but still needs a good deal of polish on it, but I wanted to share it in this near finished state so that it was easier to make changes based on feedback I will hopefully receive.  People like to critique reverb, so let me just state that I haven't worked much at all on horizontal and depth positioning.  It's all just in one spot on the stage for now, I wasn't too clever when I originally set up the virtual instruments, but at some point I need to split them up better so I can make use of a few different impulses.  Also a few other issues to mention up front:  There's still bit of sloppiness carried over from the original MIDI file I made years ago, but I thought it would result in a better realistic performance than starting with a Finale notation based MIDI.  Having listened to this so many times within the past few days I'm starting to become deaf to some of those rough areas, so it wouldn't hurt to point them out.  Two other quick things - the woodwind filagree in area with the horn section having the theme and strings the counter theme isn't finished, it's just stops after the lyrical trumpet figure - I intend to have the woodwinds continue after that point until the end of the climax.  And the last known issue is that on the very end after the harp and english horn my string chord somehow got truncated into only one note...  so imagine that being a full A minor chord. :)

My last piece here didn't get much feedback at all - I'm not QUITE as dumb as I look and have realized that I have to earn those precious comments from you.  As a new member here, it's quite overwhelming to know where to start listening to other composer's works to begin earning those favors.  So to that end, if anyone would like to request my comments on your music before you comment here, I am very willing to do so, with the understanding that my tastes and knowledge of music doesn't encompass all types and genres.

And now...   here's the music:

* If interested, the 3rd Movement for this piece is up on my playlist, simply titled Triumphico - For Orchestra.  It only uses GPO, so it needs a fresh new coat of paint on it with better samples when I have a chance.

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Some very nice counterpoint in the woodwinds that perfectly set up the entrance for the strings. I think you have a very good melodic and harmonic progression here. The brass too enters very naturally.

I think that the B chord to break the A minor is a very good choice. It's unusual and in my piece (see below) I do the same (but D major in C minor key).

I really longed for more - if this is a movement for orchestra it's pretty short. However, it's still a very well constructed short movement for orchestra.

2 requests :

1. can we see you score as a PDF ?
2. please check out my new piece "Nonet" - discussion on main page and maybe comment. The best recording of it is on my player on my page (not the sibelius essentials recording in the discussion)
Thanks for the kind words Adrian. A lot of my pieces are fairly short... I'm just not very good at developing a theme into new things, so when I think I've bored the listener with enough repetition of the theme disguised with different orchestration treatments, I run out of things to do, lol. I'm getting better at that, this piece was written 12 years ago, and I'd like to HOPE I've matured musically since then. I've just spent too many years away from composing new stuff that it's difficult getting back into it. The idea is to take these old compositions and give them a fresh new coat of paint and some detailing as steps toward getting back into full composing mode.

The other piece I posted here several months ago, Dream Suite for Wind Band, was composed more recently (though still several years ago), and I think structurally and thematically it's got more substance and less repetition than this one.

As for your requests, I listened to and commented on your Nonet - I hope you do win a live performance of that! As for the pdf score, I don't have a properly notated version of this one yet, just sloppy sequencer notation - so I"m not sure that would be very helpful.
Very nice flow and timely instrumention that is unveiling the mood - in that respect I do see continuing with woodwinds like you mention after the lyrical trumpet, it would sustain the mood buildup until the climax. I was looking to hear for a theme that comes out strongly out of all the mood, that is unveiled in some way. It would have been powerful because you do know how to set the context. It would tie the whole piece together, it's a bit too loose without it, I feel.
Very nice work!

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