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I have been working on this for awhile. at first I had it posted here with just cheezy soundfont sounds..
I recorded it with complete disregard to orchestration and all that.. just written so the sections were all on one staff. well now that I have GPO I have to begin thinking and learning about orchestration and this is my first result.

I did upload this onto a reply in a different post however this is revised to include a woodwind section.

please help me learn more. were have I gone wrong and what did I do right?

I am honestly pretty clueless about orchestration... I am currently on chapter 2 (melody with strings) in Principles of Orchestration by; Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov and that is the extent thus far of my knowledge of the subject matter.

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Do you like Nobuo Uematsu? He is one of my main inspirations, and this reminds me much of something he would do. This is an impressive song. I like the tremolo section. Nice job. I know how hard it is to make an orchestra in MIDI.
thank you for taking the time to listen and leave your remarks.

@ Janne - the velocity and volume changes are something I am working on. I wonder if it is my software more than anything. I need to figure out how to make the computer respond more dynamically. In this piece in particular I have thought to remove some voices in the first section and add them to the end to give it more build.

@ Shane - I was gona say I never heard of Nobuo Uematsu but I looked him up and he wrote the music for the first video game I got for the Nintendo Final Fantasy 1.
thank you for the complement.

To others please send me your critiques I am very interested in what I can do to improve my work.

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