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A friend showed me this yesterday. It is an ipad app, that converts your hand drawn notation to engraved notation. This is something that I've wanted for a while, and I am glad to see it is in development. They are asking for quite a bit of money, but this could be a very good app for those that like to write notation by hand.

ThinkMusic iPad App

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It's the same app Bob:

Obviously you'd expect them to mock-up the possibilities of the app to some degree in order to sell the idea to investors so that doesn't worry so much. If they get it working and eventually port it to an Android tablet I'd certainly be interested  in this. At least from a sketching point of view.

Modern tablets are quite powerful now, so I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility for this to be made to work.

I think the point of getting it on kickstarter is they need the funds to get it working. And they can't really show a working app, if it hasn't been built. I know there have been failures on kickstarter.

It's a judgement call, and at $170,000 I have my doubts as to whether it will get fully funded. But ultimately, I would love an app that does just what they are trying to do. I have always felt a special connection to my music when I've written it by hand first.

I don't see using sibelius for their mockups any different than creating any other kind of prototype or mockup prior to creating software. This is very common, and I think will really help in steering their development. They seem to have a clear sense about what it should do, it just making it work that is the hard part.

but still they can be very, very powerfull, even if the numbers don't look like that. The tablet and smartphone community has seen some impressive 3d graphics lately, and those do require a lot of firepower, I'd say much more than a notation app. With carefull programming this is entirely possible on today's tablets, in terms of firepower. The problems lie in the algorithm, if they manage to get past that the rest is not impossible. I don't think it would offer much to a composer though, not more that a simple notation program (with no handwrite recognition).

Bob Porter said:

My new Android tablet is indeed powerful. But no match for my low end laptop.

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