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Besides my 'serious' work I love to create parodies and mixing musical styles that have not even heard of each other. Here are some examples:

The Multifunctional Banana is the woodwind version of an instrumental tune I used to play on stage with a rockband during the 80s of the last century. It was always fun to see the question marks in the faces of the audience.

Is Now The Time is sort of a disco song. The lyrics deal with the increasing distance between generations. Or,if you see it more relaxed, pure nonsense.

Snow On The Parking Lot is a short piece for piano and drums, inspired by some parts somewhere in the middle of Frank Zappa's 'Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch'.

The Darkest Night is the imaginary title song of an imaginary action movie where a good looking hero (possibly a British secret service agent) saves an imaginary world from an imaginary evil.
Can you imagine?

Pink Thistles is also a Zappa derivative. After I have worked on some mainstream pop songs for a couple of weeks, I said to myself:"Buddy, you have to go somewhere else." And this is where I went.

I have to thank Regina Schneider, who sings sensitive ballads as well as 'Highway To Hell' very impressive and is a dynamic hurricane on stage.

Thanks for listening. Any comments?

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Darkest Night is a reworking of Goldfinger isn't it? Having a listen to Pink Thistles - I don't see how this is a mix of musical styles? There is some really chronic midi brass in these tracks. Have you tried using some samples? - might help with the overall productions. I hate to say it but I didn't really enjoy listening to these.
You have very good ideas. Overall it sounds too quantized, too 'sequenced' for my taste, like you programmed it all on a keyboard or with a mouse only on a computer. You can get a lot of mileage from taking time to let your sounds and rhythms breathe a bit. Your mixes are a little dry too, might add some more verb and set the sounds a little farther away aurally. Not like in the sewer kind of sound, just a bit. Generally this forum is to 'dissect' one song and really rip it apart. So if you want serious feedback, I would suggest a new post with one song
Hi Chris, thanks for your advice. Obviously I misunderstood the idea of this forum. So I will close this discussion and start a new one for each song I want to have dissected.

And the thing with quantisizing the music: I understand what you mean, but this is a personal preference. In former times I used to play for example some background horn sections live in real time (of course on the keyboard), but I found out: I can't stand it !! I can't listen to it !!. So all the stuff that comes from me and my sequenzer is 100 % quantisized with perfect length, velocity and modulation.
Hi Jack, thanks for listening.

There are several quotes of James Bond songs in the Darkest Night, but you are right, Goldfinger is the most obvious one.

These songs are my first experiments with VST instruments. Stuff like drums and bass work well, but I did not find one good trumpet sound in Miroslav CE, Sample Tank SE and the Native Instruments Soundpack 'Sax and Brass'. They all sound like the player was very sick on the recording day. So I took the trumpet from my keyboard, a KORG Triton LE. Saxophones and Trombones are not much better. Maybe I am doing something wrong while using the libraries, so advice is welcome.

See you next time


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