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Hello all,

I have written a new piece that I'm pretty jazzed about. I'm not too sure about the end though.. please take a listen and tell me if you think it fits with the rest of the song. Or anything else that stands out (in a bad way) or just sounds odd in there.

I was envisioning a hurried escape and a tense launch into space... like a disney movie or something set in space.

Thanks a lot!

Jeremiah Edward

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I thought the outro for the song was excellent, and the best part of the piece.  Frankly, my first impression was that there were too many sound gaps throughout the course of the song to give the piece enough of a sense of continuity.  To me, this made the transitions sound a bit awkward because the dynamic changes were rather extreme.  I think the outro doesn't fit the song the way it is now but I if you figured out a way to not have such an abrupt transition to it, it could be highly effective.

By the way, the timpani sounds awfully dry and unauthentic.

Hmmm... Yeah, I see what you mean about the gaps. I'll try to tweak it a bit.

As far as the drum, It's just a "gran casa bass drum" according to my library. Were you thinking it could use some reverb? I didn't want to saturate it too much... I just wanted a distant thudding  to the piece... but maybe to stand to use some more to get it more within the mix.

Ah, that makes sense.  It thought it was a muffled timpani, rather than a different drum.

I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I only listened to it on small speakers, so I can't say much about the mix.

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