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A new miniature for clarinet solo, performed by David Loewus:
Comments are highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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It's one of those pieces that I call, "Here's the instrument and all the sounds, range, and articulations it can make" which normally makes the woodwinds sound like some kind of bird or a demonstration. Great sound and performance. What did you use to record it and where where you at?

This is a good point, Rodney ;-) Well, I wanted it exactly like this. It's part of a series of miniatures. With every miniature I want to bring about other aspects of this instrument.
I'll have to ask the performer how and with which equipment he recorded this piece.
Thanks a lot for your comments, Rodney!

Thank you for taking my comments as positive because they were meant to be. I just wished your piece was 3 times longer!

3 times longer it wouldn't be a miniature :-) But there will be longer pieces in the near future and there already exists a much longer clarinet trio, also performed by David Loewus:
Thanks again!

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