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A new higher standard has been enacted to the Politics and Music Forum. It is now the Debate in Music Forum. Here any topic worth debate, serious discussion, and logical arguing can be posted here. To ensure civil and worthwhile discussion a few new guidelines that apply ONLY TO THIS PART OF THE FORUM will be used as a way to direct your discussions:

  1. All post must stay on topic to the original post. 
    1. additionally try to avoid going down rabbit holes (i.e. going off topic on to closely related topics but still unrelated areas)
  2. All post must be well thought out and if possible cited (no prober bibliography needed just mention where you are pulling your facts from once in a while)
  3. Remain civil even if you passionately disagree with someone else. 
  4. The thread originator has every right to delete the thread or comments made if they feel it does not justly serve the threads mission. 
  5. Avoid personal attacks 
  6. Try to avoid as much as possible logical fallacies, bad or false citations and facts, or irrelevant facts to the topic. 
  7. No soap box post (unless it is relevant to the topic, avoid spouting off unsolicited personal beliefs and convection)

With that said, I hope to see many spirited and thought provoking debates. Happy Posting. 

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Take it to the other thread. 

Im going to delete all comments dealing with that thread from this one as this thread is solely for explaining the guidelines. 

I agree, we must hold to the letter of the law and stay on topic unwavering.  It especially irks me when the subject meanders to philosophy, something I know very little about.  Speaking of philosophy I heard something profound, this weekend, something you may want to write down and commit to memory.

     On this she relies, real eyes, realize, real lies.  Brittney Spears.   Wow, I know, wow.  It's a bit much to grasp in a single setting, but that is why we stay connected to this forum.  But I digress.  What was this thread about again?



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