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Here is a just completed piece in contemplative mood that may be considered a mite romantic in places. Any suggestions or recommendations will be considered very seriously. In the past I have taken on board some excellent comments from CF members that have considerably improved the final article.

If you can spare 6 minutes or so to listen you should surface feeling calm and relaxed, at least I hope so.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time out to listen and maybe comment.

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You're correct Bob, the dynamic changes are nothing like as subtle as I want them to be....I'll look further into that. Also you make an interesting point about the piece having a more uniform arc - there are bits of the piece I really like but still have an unsettling feel about the overall shape - but I'm working on it.

Many thanks for listening and for your useful observations.

Bob Porter said:

Well, Stephen, I kind of like it.

The pauses don't bother me. But the abrupt dynamic changes knock me out of whatever calm I may have been in. I have no problem with the harmonic and melodic scheme. Perhaps a more uniform arc might help. Maybe starting out with mid-range instruments and expanding higher and lower as the piece goes on. Or starting low and layering in higher and higher instruments and dynamics. In waves of course. Just something to help with direction. 

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