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I've changed the title to Nella's Dream (and still trying to play it as I desire it to be played), but a couple of you mentioned wanting to hear an expanded version. Here it is, although it's not quite ready for prime time (particularly the ending). Anyway, all of the basics elements that I want are here.

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Thanks. I added the original version so that people can compare and contrast the two. I do consider the piano part finished, but I had trouble playing the ending in the established tempo. I will be adding more instrumentation though. I plan to get a soft synth, DAW, etc in the next couple of weeks and hope this will help with production.

I'm writing these tunes to pitch to music libraries, so perhaps you can offer feedback from the perspective of someone who runs a music library.

Thanks again for taking time to listen.
First, I'd be grateful if you would listen to the other piece (Must Be Said) that I posted here.

I'm aware of the performance issues and working to address them. Unfortunately, I'm composing pieces that require an even-handedness that I don't yet possess.

I haven't really researched specific libraries, with the exception of Pump Audio, which is the Getty Images of the music world. I thought I'd try a submission to them first.

I envision my work accompanying images (movies, corporate videos, commercials, etc.). But my first priority is developing a good package of instrumentals. The next move will be researching the markets that are open to the kind of music I create.

The eight instrumentals I'm working on now are mostly soft and evoke a reflective mood, with the exception of a jazz quintet piece and a mid-tempo funky pop piece.

I appreciate your candor. I'm a bit green but very serious about creating and marketing original compositions.
Hello Deborah,

I like the expanded version better than the original. To me is has more harmonic variations and that makes it even more interesting.

The performance is not perfect (not that I could do better). Probably it would be a good idea to record the piece using a sequenzer and edit the resulting MIDI file to whatever you want concerning tempo, expression and volume. This is the way I do it, because I am much too lazy to learn how to play what I write.

But once again: This is a beautiful song.

See you next time
The original piece was very off the cuff. It took about 20 minutes to complete. I just played whatever entered my head. This version was more thought out, and I had received some very good development suggestions from forum members.

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