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This is a short piano piece that I wrote years ago and

have been, off and on for a while, attempting to refine

the notation so that the playback resembles the 'live' play.

I have finally got to the point where I am satisfied with the

right hand , but cannot find a way to reduce the 'mechanical'

aspect of the left hand, without complicating the notation. 

I am using Finale, and also am wondering if there is a way

to program this piece so that the left hand plays softer than

the right. Any experienced input would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Roger, how about a score? Makes it easier for me to comment

I don't know much about Finale, but shouldn't there be a way to adjust instrument balance between staves? That's where I would look, if I were using Finale. Maybe somebody can comment?

As for the music, it sounds quite pleasant and relaxing. There are some spots that caught my ear as perhaps needing attention, but without a score it's kinda hard to pinpoint specific points of improvement. I know you're still not quite happy with the score yet, but what about posting its current state so that perhaps we may be able to offer concrete suggestions on how to "de-mechanize" it?

Gav and HS,   sure, Ill try to get that loaded-    been having prob's w/ PDFs,

 thanks for taking the time.....    RS

Thanks Bob, so far I haven't found a way to treat each stave separately, and I guess

that's what I need to do. This is basically a simple piece to play, but as I stated, difficult

to write a score that resembles the live play. I am learning a lot as I go and that is why I'm

determined to figure it out. I have other pieces sitting in a folder that I want to polish and

once I get the hang of this one, I may be able to tackle them . But it does get tedious

and frustrating at times. There was a discussion some months back I think, about

how much notation was necessary for performers to 'grasp' the essense of a piece,

but I believe it eventually drifted off to other things, as so many discussions do. 

What happened with your Riverboat piece?        RS
Bob Porter said:


If Finale can't separate dynamics between piano staves, you could create a playback score with separate bass and treble staves. Could get tricky if there are a lot of inter-staff lines.

Having one score of playback and one for musicians is not unusual.

In Finale 2007, you go Window -> Instrument List, "create" a new "Instrument" for one of the staves (doesn't matter which) and then set it up so the original "Instrument" connected to one staff and the new one connected to another are sent into separate MIDI channels (say, 1 and 2, since 1 is the default one).

For the record, you will do the same thing if you, say, have a full symphony orchestra, and want to separate 1st and 2nd violins if they happen to be using the same "Instrument".

For another record, I don't have a clue whether they made this procedure carefully hidden or needlessly complicated in later versions of Finale. But you might just be able to dig out the relevant function if you start from what I described.

Greg, that sounds like it may just be the ticket... I'll try it. Thanks   RS

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