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I wrote this little piece for SATB but missed the boat in having our choir sing it this year. Playing around this morning, I found it works as a woodwind quartet instead (Cor anglais, Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon).

It's just here for fun today, hope you enjoy.

Have a great Xmas folks. May Santa bring you all a new baton.

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Wow. This is quite impressive Graeme. I can't imagine it as a choir piece since I've heard it like this. A beautiful delicate woodwind piece. The only thing I am thinking here is the title. When I think festive I think  of a more lively upbeat situation, but then, I'm thinking this within my own context.

Very nice Graeme, I like the style and orchestration that you have here.  It makes me want to pay more attention to the Cor Anglais (English horn?)  which I have not used but now I think I prefer it to it's cousin the oboe. Are you still using the Garritan library?  It sounds good.

A yes. The English Horn. I think we'll  be hearing more of it this year. I've really enjoyed playing around with it and find it to be nearly as emotionally driven as a cello 

Delighted that you folks have enjoyed it. Thanks for the feedback.

I'd be interested in seeing the score. Did you make many changes between the vocal & instrumental version? The flute part sounds high for a soprano singer. 

Use of Cor Anglais is refreshing. With ordinary oboe it would have been a standard wind quartet (actually, wind quartet can also be oboe, clarinet, french horn, bassoon) and I'm not sure how many oboe players have a cor anglais.

Charming piece otherwise.

Victor, Thanks for your time in listening. Just for the record, I'm attaching the quartet score and the original choral version. Main changes were reducing the final 'verse' back down to four parts rather than splitting the choir to eight. Some areas were transposed an octave in order to blend a little better with the instrumental timbre. Everything else was within both choral and instrumental ranges. 

The choir piece was, as it states in the page title, an entry for the BBC R3 breakfast competition. Therefore the libretto and music are probably under their performance domain although I have leave to have it performed by other groups as long as the Beeb is mentioned. If you happen to find a choir who could sing it, please let me know.



Thanks for posting the score. So the flute is the alto voice. That explains it.

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