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I once had a composer friend who was the director of a handbell choir, so I wrote several pieces for them. Since handbells harmonize on a minor third, I wrote this piece in the Locrian mode, which has a diminished tonic. Score included in the attached YouTube, comments as always invited -

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I thought this was extremely well done Gav and I enjoyed it very much:)

Mysterious , and beautiful ..really fine modal writing and very memorable... very touching music!

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks Bob

@Roger - I always want my music to be liked, sorry this one didn’t work for you, and thanks for giving it a listen -
@Bob - thanks! I took it as a challenge to write something that worked well in Locrian, that oh-most-avoided of modes, and am gratified that you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your reaction -

This is so brave, truly amazing. Quite an appealing atmosphere. It would be a tremendous experience to see this performed live.

Wow, that is some high praise there Krell, thanks very much! A few other pieces I wrote have been performed and I was happy with the result (although no recording unfortunately), but this one never has been, alas!

Wow! At first I couldn't, for a lack of a better term, "lock in" on it. But as it progressed, it was pulling me in until I was just totally entranced by it! Very evocative in my opinion. Some words I'd use to describe it would be; serine, contemplative, mysterious and reflective. Nice work!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks very kindly, I wanted the piece to be evocative and am gratified that I have succeeded at least somewhat with you! They are an interesting instrument to write for! I think good handbell music has an almost hypnotic quality, something I wouldn’t have said before writing for them -



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