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I just redesigned and Updated my website.

Comments, suggestions are welcome




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Dear Saul,

your website is very well designed and beautiful. I listened to your pieces - my favourites are #1, #2, #5, #6 but my very favourite from you, the "Song Without Words for Piano and Violin In E minor" I miss in your list. What about that?


Hi Gerd,

Thank You. Well I'm planing to create more digital downloadable Albums. This first one contained 15 works. Additional Albums will be added later on. But I don't think that I'm going to put all my works up for Sale but only those I feel meet the standards that I think qualifies for Online Distribution and Sales. 

The issue with the Song without Words that you mentioned is that currently I don't have a good version of it, I still didn't master it or did anything with it, besides creating an Mp3 file. With time, as the quality improves I will post it.

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting, 

Best of Wishes,



Thank you Ali,


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