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Just got the Tina Gou ‘cello for StaffPad and thought I would give it some Dvořák....

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Very nice!  I noticed a few scattered notes that kinda stuck out as "artificial"-sounding... but probably nothing a careful go-over with the expression pedal can't fix.

Certainly a nice sound. I'm always interested in acquiring more solo strings so I looked up the product. Unfortunately it's a bit sparse on what articulations are included except Vol 2. It also uses Kontakt which rules me out. (I have enough learning curves on my plate at the moment.) 

What's more difficult is there's some confusion between portamento and legato. That wasn't made clear....or how a long portamento would sound. Hopefully some control/choice is allowed you. The other techniques that weren't mentioned were 'con sord', non-vibrato and accents like sfz and fp. And nothing about controlling the velocity (as opposed to the volume control).

Your demo was very good although the staccato/spiccato at 0.56" would probably be more prominent so the cellist could show off (in real life)!


Hi Dane

The StaffPad Tina Guo (got to learn to spell it properly) is a cut down version of the Cinesamples full set, only 350MB. And it’s $40 US I think.

There are two legato presets, warm wide vibrato and a leggiero one for more agile playing. I switched between them several times. StaffPad tends to make legato almost portamento at times. One of the discussions being had at the moment.

There is staccato, accents, marcato, harmonics, sul pont, pizz and open strings in the StaffPad version.

Many thanks for that, Michael.

Thanks for bringing this one to the forefront Michael.

I have the Kontakt version  and love it.

Not sure about the Staffpad version of this compared to the Kontakt versions. The Kontakt versions are Tina Quo Legato and Tina Quo Volume 2. 

I mistakenly bought Volume 2 thinking it was an improved version of The legato library. The fact is The older Legato library is the more complete library. Volume 2 adds more articulations to the original.

StaffPad versions are cut down ones. I believe that it is based on the two sets you mentioned. It is only 350MB, on the plus side it costs $40 US.

I occasionally swap it in and out with Berlin First Chair if I am missing some articulations Or the sounds not quite right.

But love that full warm vibrato.

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