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ive never written a product demo before so this was a big jump for me and quite an honour.


The sample pack is based on middle eastern string figures,modal loops and runs,trills,tremolos etc and makes it easy to create a very ottoman empire feel to a track if the mood takes.


i wrote this track


this is the link but obviously ive attached the file as well in the time honoured way things are done for the site.

please have a quick listen and tell me what you was not easy writing a minute of audio that is supposed to capture everything from start to finish.most challenging!!



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First off, it has a great feel to it.  Seems to catch the essence of the promotion text below it.  Some comments:

1. Back off the percussion, unless that's also part of the sample pack.  The strings should stand out the whole way through.

2. From :20 to :38, it seemed too have a lot of room to introduce and showcase more variety from the sample pack's articulations. 

3. From :38 to :50, I really lost (and missed) the strings.  This may be what you referring to when you mentioned difficulty in capturing everything in the pack, but in this part, I couldn't really tell what was being highlighted.


Lastly, congrats on the gig! <jealous>  :)

yuor dead right on all counts.they used this version which was version 1 but i revised it 3 times.

this is the final version i used which despite being approved wasnt used but i suspect last minute rushing caused this mishap.


This is the first time ive done this sort of work and despite doing a lot of media tracks and working through a lot of specialised areas,this was surprisingly challenging for some unknown reason

chalk up simply being asked to do it in the "plus" column. good job!

hi Fredrick,


check out my post above Andrews,i have included a revised version which drops down the percussion,highlights more strings with a more prominent mix.



yup, definitely like the new version better.  ...and it sounds like a library i'll have to look in to. :)

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