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Thanks to everyone who has commented so far, I have several comments on the need to improve the instruments and reverb.  I am posting this here again with the PDF, so if anyone would like to add their comments, I am grateful for the advice.  This is one of my first attempts at taking a Sibelius composition into Protools. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Sandy

Nice piece. A good atmosphere evoked and some nice interplay between the parts. It's a pity it's quite short. Maybe you could tell us for what purpose this music is intended. Is it meant to be a piece of commercial music, a student piece or a more serious work? The reason I ask is because some of the parts seem quite basic - eg the keyboard only has a right hand part. I'd like you to develop this music - new sections, more thematic material and then a reprise - but good work so far; let's see you take it further.

Adrian,  I submitted it for a movie scene. Free work. Funny how it turned out, they loved the piece, but didn't like the idea that I couldn't play all the parts for a 'live' recording.  Well, I composed it to learn... and I liked the piece after that, so kept it and just wanted to develop it for my own library.  I guess I could add more parts, but I don't want to crowd it.  I'll have to think about it.
Good job,if this was played from real instruments maybe more people will understand how much talent you have,keep working Sandy ,well done!
Very nice melodic idea! I enjoyed it. Though, try to be careful with overusage of windchimes, They can be used once in a while for maybe a dynamic change or a pickup to a new part, but anything more than that they start to become a little on the cheesy side. I did the same thing with cymbals. But you are very talented, and I look forward to hearing anything else you can come up with!

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