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Hello everybody!

I'm sharing here with you all my first attempt at writing a fugue in four voices.

I wrote it as an answer to a quarantine challenge of a friend of mine, inviting all musicians he knew to compose a fugue. I had never approached one before so there will be many points I perhaps won't be able to justify - and that is of course also why I'm posting it here.

Recorded with Sibelius|Ultimate, NotePerformer3.

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend

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Hi Valerio, I'm not an expert on fugal writing but a quick look tells me you are an accomplished composer who understands the form of a fugue. And of course a fugue can be anything you want it to be.  But my suggestions would be to first post your score as a PDF file to make it easier for us to look at.  I think you should reconsider your tempo, usually fugues are fairly slow so that we can better appreciate your artistry. Also you haven't entirely organized the stem directions of your voices, that would help us to take a closer look.  Just some thoughts.

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